Arnold Light Consults provides incentive marketing consulting in westchester new york.
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Designing Customized, Measurable Incentive Programs that Motivate Employees, Customers & More

Motivation equals profits. If customers aren't motivated to purchase, sales suffer. If employees aren't motivated to reach goals, bottom lines decline. The question that has always remained is what does it take to motivate?

In many cases, corporate incentive programs are an excellent option for boosting engagement and participation from employees, customers, vendors and others. This isn't always the case, however.

When consulting with you about incentive programs, the first step is to determine whether such programs will, in fact, benefit your business. If we discover that you are a candidate for a custom-designed incentive program, we'll continue to consult with you to determine:

  • What type of program is needed
  • Which incentives work best with those you're trying to motivate
  • What structural elements should be included
  • Who will implement and maintain the program
  • How and when to start

Because we don't provide implementation and maintenance services, we can act as your unbiased, objective guide.

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We'll structure programs that recognize employees, motivate salespersons, generate new customers and boost customer loyalty. We can also audit your existing incentive program.

Tourist Bureaus
Want more incentives headed your way? We'll consult with you on attracting incentive business.

Learn how to earn business from corporations and incentive organizations.

Is your property of “incentive quality”? We'll show you how to acquire incentive business that can improve your bottom line and your occupancy.

Tech Companies
Position, price and market your platform effectively to the incentive industry.

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